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School Management Solution

We follow a 6-step strategy from school identification to Crimson School operations, which helps us select the right school to be included as part of our group, thus ensuring robust and efficient operations.

Step 1: Preliminary Screening – 10 Days

Our experts at Crimson have a detailed evaluation process to identify the right School from multiple schools across India.

Step 2: Term Sheet – 10-15 Days

A term sheet is executed with broad criteria like valuation, exclusivity till due diligence, among other criteria.

Step 3: Due Diligence – 30-45 Days

Our specialist consultants help us form a thorough due diligence. Various factors are taken into account like Target Market, Infrastructure, School Operations, Management growth mindsets, Financial Assessments etc.

Step 4: Acquisition – 15 -20 Days

Once everything is set, the execution of transaction documents begin. It also involves the consummation of the transaction.

Step 5: Induction and Transition – 2 years

As soon as the school is acquired for management, the induction process begins. Here we standardize the operational process in order to align it to the Crimson strategy. Thus, gradually the transition begins of the school in becoming a member of the Crimson family.

Step 6: Crimson School Operations

Once the school is completely on track, it will officially be a Crimson Certified School, getting the full advantage of the Education Group.

6 Step Strategy to Acquire ChangeReady Schools.

Partner with us

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