End to End Change model

End to End Change Model

School Operations

We believe the first step to turnaround a school is to optimise its operations. After signing up with a school, we study the process of its current operations and take care of the deficiencies in the system by implementing changes that were the key to our success.

Academic Management

Up-to-date courses, trained and experienced teachers, and modern teaching facilities are necessary for a school to be relevant today. By signing up with a school, we focus on implementing the best teaching & learning practices/strategies to give our learners a world-class education.


Education today is blended with technology. It has expanded the horizon and increased the convenience for students, teachers, and parents alike. Once we take over the management of a school, we update its technology infrastructure to meet modern-day demands.

Research-Backed Opportunity Identification

While associating with a school, we study the market and get an in-depth understanding of the avenues of improvement. From updating the syllabus to technology implementation, we ensure the necessary changes are made to make it one of the leading schools in the city.

Marketing Strategies

After making the necessary change in a school, we implement the right marketing strategies to create awareness within the city. Each marketing plan is tailor-made for the specific school, that will highlight its strengths among the community.

School Turnaround Specialist

With a clear understanding of the K-12 education sector, we provide the right guidance and management supervision to help loss-making schools turn profitable. We place our experts in the management committee, supervising their entire operations, and bring in the right solution to make them profitable.

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