Spend some money and you can upgrade to PizzaBoy Pro. Another popular set of emulators comes from Pizza Emulators with the Pizza Boy series of apps. However, unlike other options on this list, Pizza Emulators only focuses on Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color emulators for Android. There are two versions of the app available, one designed for the Game Boy Advance, and another for the Game Boy Color. Then, there are Pro versions also available that unlock even more functionality from the free apps.

This option replaces the moutnain cave one found originally. Saving and quitting while in a dungeon no longer forces Link outside the dungeon when the file is reloaded. Filled Heart Containers are also preserved instead of being reduced when reloading a file. S view would offer handheld games similar to the Wii’s Virtual Console. They once again praised the multiplayer mode, questioning why Nintendo has yet to make a follow-up game on the Nintendo DS or DSiWare.

Pizza Boy GBA Basic is enriched with many features like save and restore states, support for capturing screenshots, slow motion and fast forward feature, and button customization. The emulator performs well and does not consume a lot of battery too. To conclude, Pizza Boy GBA Basic is one of the best GBA emulators out there. This includes the High-quality rendering support, Virtual On-screen keypad, support for .zip files, play tetris online customizable keys, turbo buttons, and even an added key for taking screenshots. You could even fast-forward or slow down your game, although it is advised not to do so as you may experience frame-drops. But what I loved the most about this emulator is the support for Cheats.

List of 22 Best Safe ROM Sites in 2022

So it only takes a couple of minutes or even seconds to download GBA games/ROMs to your computer, especially if you have a really fast internet connection. This app only weighs in around 3MB of data, which is really small in size. So I believe it’s okay to use your mobile internet data to download this app.

  • A little complicated to use for the first-time users.
  • The brand new dungeons are a highlight, but they’re also the hardest part of hacking.
  • Plus, the app has a friendly UI so you’ll quickly find out how it works.
  • Gamepad support, compatibility with zipped ROM files, and even save file uploading to Dropbox are all available.

Get ready for some web-slinging action with your favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and kick some serious butt in this action packed game. You can sue lightsabers, force powers, and even physical attacks to defeat your opponents. Save the planets and defeat the dark side, this is your mission in the game but your destiny holds many mysteries in this fast-paced action game.

ROMs World brings in the most minimal yet attention-grabbing user interface. ROM Hustler is brilliantly designed to feature a huge volume of ROM files in the most user-friendly manner. The developers promise regular updates to make sure you’re served with fresh content each and every time. With ROMsmania, you’re free from spammy ads that might be misleading in many ways. Cool ROM is home to a clean and straightforward user interface. So, if you are experiencing frequent crashes, try switching to an older version of RetroArch.

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MegaGBA falls in 5th place because of having only 50,000 downloads. All the emulators listed above have millions of downloads. Having fewer downloads doesn’t mean this is not a good emulator. It, in fact, has a rating of 4.0 and many positive reviews. The MegaGBA Emulator delivers a flawless GBA gaming experience with extended controls.

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The Gamulator website also allows you to download or install the games using a direct download link. You may also download the games using their download manager. Gaming consoles are often built to play games that are exclusive to the system.